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Comissions Refrence + Terms of service by Sniper-Huntress Comissions Refrence + Terms of service by Sniper-Huntress

After a while of thinking I decided I wanted to finally give it a try, after all, i don't have much to let’s start with TOS:

Terms Of Service may be subject to change:

•I have the right to refuse any commission request for any reason.

Please specify if:

-you want to commission me for commercial use, otherwise, the commission is for personal use by default

-you need the commission by a certain date or size, otherwise, I’ll work at my leisure.

-If you want to remain as an anonymous commissioner, or if you don’t want me to stream or upload it publicly as an image or speedpaint please say so and where to send the finished piece, otherwise I have permission to do so

if you wish to watch your commission streamed here's my Livestream :



  • .yaoi/yuri and transexuals
  • .mpreg i have before for a friend and see nothing wrong with it
  • crossdressing
  • nsfw/pinup stuff id be a lier if i said i didn't
  • fanart
  • ocs
  • thats all i can think off for now


  • .beastiality (actual animals having sex with humans)
  • .hate art
  • comics (not yet)
  • animations are not for sale ...yet...(I dont have animation software right now)
  • SOME!some fetishes : Scat,diaper,tentacle rape,fat fetish
  • that's all I can think of for now

•Prices are in USD olny......NO DA POINTS! sorry

•Paypal only..I do not accept any type of virtual currency such as 

  • DeviantArt points,
  • bitcoin ,
  • steam points,
  • google play store credits,
  • xbox live points 
  • any form of online memberships
  • online gift cards
  • etc

-I expect to be paid upfront sorry but i heard of many Artist being scammed or they work their butts of on a piece for a client and once finished the customer says they dont have the money or they just don’t want to pay at all ....I don't want that happening to me......i won't start until i have my money 

-If the commission is simple, like a clean sketch commission or an icon then upfront payment is a must.

•I will not give refunds if you are unsatisfied with the finished product but I will fix or add anything upon request, but I can’t change anything that’s out of my reach, for example, pose. I will not rework an entire commission when it’s at a finished state.

-I’ll only give full refunds if I’m unable to complete your commission for whatever reason, or if you decide to cancel your commission when I’ve made little progress on it but i will be deleting the piece completely as well..

•I’ll be sure to notify you the status of your commission if requested, if there is any delay or problems with it and ill be happy to send a low-resolution thumbnail of the piece so you can see how it will look and if there's anything else you want done before it gets soo far i cant change it .

•I hold copyright of the commissioned artwork.  You cannot edit or gain a profit from the commissioned artwork. Unless you specify the commission is for commercial use, you cannot gain a profit off the commission.

-I may gain a profit from the commissioned artwork, (such as selling prints) but only with the commissioner’s permission.

-You may upload your commission with credit.

.you mat NOT remove the signature i will sign a peice when fished !

•You have to be 18 years or older to order an explicit commission.•Characters must be 18 years or older to be in an explicit commission.

__________ Adoptable Policy __________

•All sales are final.

•Don’t take credit for creating the degicn, please give me credit at least once.

•Same with commissions, you may upload the artwork of the adopt as long as you give credit.

•You may NOT trade or resell the design,

Please note or message me for details if interested in a commission. Thank you!

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